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sentimental education

a mind of her own
8 February
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is it really possible to convey the person you really are by typing a bunch of words?

but if it were possible, I would say that I rehearse imaginary conversations in my head so if I were ever in that situation I would know what to say, that I wear my hair in pigtails when I'm too lazy to dry it, that I like getting up early when no one else is awake to just listen to the silence, that I have four cats but my little kitten is my favorite because he reminds me of me, that for lunch I always have extra crunchy peanut butter and bananas on a tortilla, that I have socks in every imaginable color combination with every imaginable pattern, that I never believe people when they say nice things about me, that I have a box where I keep every flower I've ever received, that I live my life in fear of failure, that I cannot do anything at all if my room is messy, and that my biggest wish would be to be happy with the person that I am.
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